As a retailer and ambassador in the Fair Trade movement, you are the home for Fair Trade in your community. Grateful for your significant role, Matr Boomie has developed a Fair Trade Month campaign that welcomes meaningful dialogue between you and your community. Centered around the core theme of Fair Trade, this campaign will provoke thought, create engagement and gain social media attention for your store and your community.

Interested in participating? Keep reading below to learn more. 

Humans by nature are social beings. And Fair Trade celebrates this connection and community - to be a part of something greater than ourselves.

So let's ask our communities: What makes you feel most connected to this world? 

In the spirit of the gifts that fair trade offers us,  we are asking our retailer partners to help us collect stories of love and connection from their customers and staff. 

This is how it works:

1. The first 100 retailers who enter to participate will *receive this beautiful poster to display in their store + a hand-carved, Rosewood Matr Boomie magnet for your keeps!

Click on Image to Display full Poster

2. Retailers will display posters in their store to call attention to the campaign and encourage customers (and staff) to participate by sharing their own unique perspective through social media. Following the simple directions listed on the poster will complete their entry in the campaign.**

3. Every store that accumulates 10 mentions in one week, during the month of October will receive a Matr Boomie fair trade prize. The store with the most mentions total, by 12 AM on Oct 30th will receive a Matr Boomie grand prize featuring handmade gifts made with love by our artisan partners in India.

Stay tuned for exciting prize updates throughout the month of October! 

Matr Boomie magnets are hand-carved and made with sustainable rosewood. 

Wishing everyone the best of luck, 

The Matr Boomie Team

*ALL ONE. ALL KIN. Campaign posters will be shipped by ground within 48 hours of your entry form submission. 

**Due to Facebook's personal privacy settings, we may not be able to view certain personal photos. Contestants are encouraged to generate likes on their photos throughout the contest, and share them with us by posting their photos on our Facebook wall. Contestants will have to "like" our Facebook page to post. We will do our best to track all submitted photos, but we will only consider photos that are shared on our page.