Our Story Begins With a Fair Trade Love Story

Founders Manish and Ruchi celebrating 10 years of MATR BOOMIE

On a trip back to his native India after years living in the United States, Manish Gupta was struck anew by the extreme material poverty of his homeland. With deep respect for the rich culture and potential of rural Indians, he began asking questions. After hundreds of conversations and even more glasses of tea, Manish realized that he had a role to play — that he could bridge these two seemingly disparate worlds.

He started partnering with grassroots organizations to transform unskilled women and men into master artisans. He personally ensured that the materials were safe for people and kind to the land. With the help of his mother and sister, Manish established a team in India to guarantee clear, efficient communications and high-quality production. He gathered a team in Austin, Texas, to design collections that entice Westerners while honoring the culture, craft and capacity of Indian artisans. And along the way, he married a beautiful, inspiring Indian designer, Ruchi, who quickly became his partner in life, love and business.

Nearly a decade later, the little company run out of Manish and Ruchi’s Austin apartment (known as Handmade Expressions) has grown into a leading fair trade wholesaler and innovator in ethical, sustainable business.

The evolution from Handmade Expressions to MATR BOOMIE marks a pivotal moment in our company’s history and a visionary commitment to inspired design that feels distinctly modern, while evoking another place and time.